Kresge Arts in Detroits Eminent Artist Award honors the cultural impact of Detroit’s living legends.

Brand Development
Creative Direction
Graphic Design


Brand development and graphic design for the 2018 Kresge Arts in Detroit Eminent Artist celebration honoring musician Wendell Harrison.

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Client Testimonial—

“Jenn Maine and the team at Studio Incognita are exceptionally passionate, strategic, resourceful, and reliable. We have worked with them on multiple Kresge Arts in Detroit branding projects for over three years now. A standout project was the work done for the Kresge Eminent Artist Award program. We came to Jenn with a tight turn around time on the brand design and a number of project limitations based on how the design needed to fit with both existing elements, and elements that would be designed in the near future. Jenn heard our needs, asked insightful questions, proposed a clear and expedited design and review process, and ultimately delivered responsive and thoughtful concepts that substantially elevated the visual profile of the Kresge Eminent Artist program. From the start, we have felt like Jenn understands our program, our goals, and our work culture. The brands she creates are a reflection of the intuition and empathy for people and their goals that she is able to bring to every project.”

—Christina DeRoos, Director, Kresge Arts in Detroit