We have been partnering with heart-centered organizations to build soulful brands since 2015.

We blend a deep understanding of psychology and culture with a bold design aesthetic to build distinctive brands that communicate with clarity and purpose.

We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits and organizations with a focus on the arts community, culture, and public-based projects. We would love to engage with new potential clients who are involved with sustainable practices, and the empowerment of women, LGBTQIA and POC. Sounds like you? Let us know!


Our approach—

As our clients lovingly call it, our brand therapy employs empathy and emotional intelligence to do deep brand work. We will help you define the desire-based truths that your business is built on. From these truths, we structure your brand communications and visuals to differentiate your business from its competition and attract your ideal customer.

We understand that your brand exists beyond the logo, your website and even your service or product. It’s a perception that is owned by your audience. Branding is the practice of developing systems and points of communication that are based on messaging, visuals and actions that help control the perception of your organization in your favor. 

Ready to learn more? 
Our approach is laid back, empowering and educational. And we love to talk about branding. It’s kindof our thing.




Jenn Maine
Owner, Creative Director

Jenn has over a decade of experience creating and managing brands for small businesses, non-profits and global corporations.

She has led and executed branding efforts for Pewabic, Kresge Arts in Detroit, Living Arts, Henry Ford Learning Institute, Shefit, and many, many more.

She is a mother, artist, dog person, joke-cracker, plant collector, video game fan and loyal friend.